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"Be Yourself" cover story

Preview Cover story from August print issue

Photography Patrick Schwalb

Style Markus Galic

Model Céline Bethmann c/o Munich Models

Make up Josie Martens c/o Bigoudi

with products from Mac Cosmetics and Aveda

Digital Operator Lucas Höllmüller

“Someone falls to pieces, Sleeping all alone

Someone kills the pain, Spinning in the silence She finally drifts away Someone gets excited, In a chapel yard And catches a bouquet Another lays a dozen White roses on a grave, Yeahhh... And to be yourself is all that you can do

Someone finds salvation in everyone, Another only pain

Someone tries to hide himself, Down inside himself he prays

Someone swears his true love, Until the end of time

Another runs away Separate or united, Healthy or insane And to be yourself is all that you can do...” - in memory of Chris Cornell (©Audioslave - Be Yourself)


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