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"Best of Coachella 2019"

Coachella came to an end yesterday and left behind gossip, street style and beauty looks enough to keep talking until summer. The desert’s festival is indeed the perfect occasion where to steel inspiration four our summer outfits: models, singers, influencers and music lovers from all over the world join together and show off the best of their wardrobe. Crazy and irreverent looks, colors, paillettes and sequins, according to current trends but also with a vintage taste, that looks back at the real purpose of the festival, born as a celebration of Mexican indi rock music in 1999.

Sunglasses always have a great impact, must have for everyone, ideally with crazy shapes and colored lenses. This year we saw plenty of cowboy-inspired details, which is a seasonal trend and is spreading in our everyday life as well, together with tie-dye, an other huge trend coming straight from runways and really appreciated by the model Gigi Hadid. Kendall Jenner’s outfits deserve a special mention, because extremely elegant and beautiful. Victoria Secrets’ models, protagonists as always, were appreciated because of their beauty looks, surprisingly natural and clean. Not celebs only but also a lot of common stylish people with perfect outfits..

Scroll the gallery to discover our favorite looks!

written by Giulia Greco


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