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"Cargo Comeback: A Case of Counterculture"

Ganni and Fendi runways -

Cargo pants have long been on the fashion horizon, but they have officially returned to the runway from their late 90s hiatus. In the case of the cargo, however, the trend-setting designers were late to the craze. A number of brands like Urban Outfitters and I Am Gia have been stocking these trousers for quite some time and celebrities like the Kardashian/Jenner family have already been seen working this trend in candid paparazzi photos. In fact, the cargo comeback is the perfect example of how streetwear and skate culture have gone from the bottom up to the highs of fashion. Cargo pants were undeniably an unappealing concept just a few short year ago; they were to be worn camping or on a construction site, but nowhere else.

So how did they come back in fashion? Well, like any good counterculture getup, it came from subcultures of fashion.

Ganni and Prabal Gurung -

written by Nina Hanz


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