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"Chameleon Shaughnessy"

Cover story from April issue

What is fashion? For many it is unbridled luxury combined with glitter and precious objects; but it can also be synonymous with changes and expression of oneself. Shaughnessy Brown knows it well.

Born in 1994, the young Shaughnessy, fascinated by the world of entertainment and catwalks, decided at the age of 15 to leave the hot Florida and move to the chaotic New York to pursue her dream. Her charm as a girl next door did not pass. She began to collaborate with several designers, taking her first photo shoots, including an editorial for Vogue Italia.

Shaughnessy was realizing her dream, but her true nature was still hidden behind long brown hair. It was from the hair that her change started, the long hair made room for a neat little ‘70s helmet, a total black wardrobe and a collection of studded chokers and accessories. The new look so different from the previous one made Shaughnessy even safer and more determined. This change was welcomed also in the fashion industry, so that Alessandro Michele chose her for the Gucci fashion show in 2016, during the New York Fashion Week. This great opportunity opened great travels and experiences to Shaughnessy. She collaborated on a project with Depeche Mode and even helped Rodarte to celebrate his tenth anniversary walking down his fall/winter 2016 catwalk.

“I think it’s about being the person you are,” says Shaughnessy about her explosive success. Excited to have found herself, she faces life with light heartedness but also a lot of ambition.

Fun, fresh and full of eccentric charm is also perceived in the shots made for LATEST. With an elegant yet modern style, Shaughnessy decided to show her artistic maturity combined with a strong personality.

Photography, Production, Art Direction Les Mijotés

Model Shaughnessy Brown c/o New York Models

interviewed by Eleonora Moneta Style Bárbara Vélez

Makeup Victor Noble Hair Style Amy Farid c/o Honey Artists

Set Design Izzy Garcia Location DRIFT Studios NYC


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