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Chanel Cruise 2020 and the beginning of something new

photo Alessandro Lucioni/

Chanel’s Cruise show was the most anticipated one, for reasons we all know. Now that the Grand Master Lagerfeld is passed away, everyone of us, in the fashion field, is curious to know what will happen to the worldwide famous French brand. Answers are difficult to grasp but the Cruise collection showed us the beginning of something new.

photo Alessandro Lucioni/

The show has been the first solo of Virginie Viard in the apocalyptic post-Lagerfeld landscape, and there have been criticism about her work. Lagerfeld had anyways a part in the creation of the collection, since the items were already in production when he died. For this reason we should wait the upcoming runway in summer, in order to form a judgment.

photo Alessandro Lucioni/

Maybe the location was somehow less cheerful compared with what Chanel used us to; maybe we just missed the final touch, that Lagerfeld had not the chance to manage and which was his personal feature, making everything he touched full of endless taste.

The collection has many classic items, which remind us of Chanel's usual signature style, together with some unexpected and modern touches. A fresh note, let's say, that can pleasantly surprised all of us.

photo Alessandro Lucioni/

Chanel is for sure facing a challenging future and this show was probably the first step towards something new and unexplored.

We can just wait to see what’s going to happen in the near future.

photo Alessandro Lucioni/

written by Giulia Greco

Discover more details about Cruise collections in the upcoming June issue


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