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"Chiara Ferragni: Unposted - the docufilm is coming"

“Chiara Ferragni – Unposted” the documentary about the life and career of Chiara Ferragni, the famous Italian blogger and entrepreneur, will be presented at the76th Annual Venice International Film Festival on the 4th of September. The film will be part of the Sconfini section and will be screened at Italian cinemas as a special event on September 17, 18 and 19.

The docufilm is directed by Italian director Elisa Amoruso, chosen for the chemistry she and Chiara immediately had. Chiara entrusted her story with a female perspective, sensitive in describing the psychology of her characters and completely far from the fashion world and social media, but with no prejudices towards these and most importantly towards Chiara. Chiara Ferragni was looking for a director who was a woman, Italian and who could document her most authentic, purest and maybe most secret side, connected with many other aspects and moments of her life. And so it was since Chiara and Elisa first met.

The title of this docufilm, “Chiara Ferragni – Unposted”, reveals Chiara’s point of view, intimately and differently from how she usually shares it through social media, addressing topics never treated before and that will show a never seen before Chiara Ferragni. The docufilm is, of course, about Chiara’s private life with her family, but it also recalls her career: the documentary will focus on the digital revolution of the last decade, and the shoots are going to tell us Chiara’s role in this epochal change and less know aspects, if not completely unknown, of her job. In an interview with the Corriere, Chiara Ferragni stated: «I almost didn’t remember things that happened and that you can see in the film. I think I understood a lot about my character: it helped me know myself. I hope it’s not a cause of choc for others: now the 70, 80% of myself is on the screen. Seeing me back, I got that in these ten years I tried to find my identity in the world. These years will stay in this film. We’ll see what others think about it».

Some of the most important exponents of the fashion world, such as Diane von Furstenberg, Jeremy Scott, Alberta Ferretti, and Maria Grazia Chiuri, just to name a few, will make an appearance on the documentary. Some sociology experts and university professors will be a part of the docufilm as well, together with some of the influencer’s followers.

For every news about the documentary, you can follow @chiaraferragniunposted on Instagram.

Words by Elena Affricani


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