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"Christian Dior Pre Fall 2020"

Christian Dior's Pre Fall 2020 collection had no catwalk, nor a grand gala, nor exceptional guests. It is entitled Manifesto by Maria Grazia for Dior in This Millennium and it is a declaration of intent: fashion design is a demanding discipline, like other sciences are, and is based on precise calculations. The choices we made have an effect, not only on the materials used, but also on the surrounding world. Getting dressed is a political act.

All images here courtesy Dior via

Chiuri has made this philosophy the core of Dior's collections in recent years and this time she wrote it down, in the shape of ten sentences, alternating outfits. Each of them defines an area of ​​action for the Maison. Among others, sustainability, which is defined as the creation of "timeless pieces, which can be combined freely ". In fact, each garment in the collection is by its own and, at the same time, in perfect harmony with everything else. A thousand combinations are made possible and the lines, clean and classic, harmonize with each other. They are all interchangeable outfits.

In general, the design is simple and very fresh, it takes up the concept of the previous collections and gives us the reassuring idea of ​​something known, which we would never be tired of looking at. Women's clothes are mixed with pieces borrowed from the male wardrobe, but everything is perfectly melted together . Especially when same prints and different materials are combined: a sophisticated look comes out that we can't wait to try.

words by Giulia Greco


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