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Daniel Roseberry is the new Schiaparelli's creative director

courtesy @Schiaparelli

Schiaparelli, iconic French maison with a wide heritage in the history of fashion, welcomes its new creative director, Daniel Roseberry. He succeeds to Bertrand Guyon, whose leadership as design director had lasted 4 years, bringing many news and innovations in Schiaparelli’s production. According to someone Roseberry is an unpredictable choice but it answers to a deep need, that every consolidate brand has to face nowadays: be up to date without losing identity. Diego Della Valle, Schiaparelli’s owner, said that he really appreciate the “modern and innovative vision” of Mr. Roseberry, which is exactly what the Maison needs now.

Daniel Roseberry is 33 years old but his name is already well-known after ten years as creative director for Thom Browne. He declared it’s a great honor and joy to pick up the work of Madame Schiaparelli, who was - 85 years ago - the “master of modernity”. Her designs were the mirror of a chaotic and turbulent period, all about innovation: a deep generational revolution, close to the one we are now experimenting. Roseberry also added that he is inspired by Schiaparelli’s commitment to humor and fantasy, which are extremely important in complicated times.

“It’s a privilege to collaborate with the astonishing talents of the atelier and in the traditions of haute couture to carry the legend and myth of this storied house into the future.”

Now we can only wait to see how the young designer will reinterpret Schiaparelli’s style, and we really hope he’ll manage to recreate the magic universe which has always been her greatest legacy.

courtesy photos Schiaparelli @Getty Images

written by Giulia Greco

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