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"Dugbee by Whoopi: the new inclusive brand by Whoopi Goldberg"

courtesy Business of Fashion

The cinema icon of the 90s remembered for many millennials as the crazy nun of Sister Act, winner of Emmy, Grammy Oscar and Tony Whoopi Goldberg has made her first steps in the world of fashion with her inclusive brad Dubgee.

courtesy Business of Fashion

Opened on May 15, 2019, Dugbee presents a very varied offer, conceiving comfortable clothes and in step with the times, for any form or taste. Speaking about her new line the actress said: This is as serious to me as anything else I’ve done in my life. The first thing you should communicate is, ‘I like me.’ I think the motto of the company is, ‘The last thing you should ever fret about is what’s in your closet.”

courtesy Business of Fashion

A philosophy that therefore cries out loud that it is not necessary to make dressing a problem. Dugbee clothes come to the rescue, being available in any size, shape, color or fantasy. The brand was born from the need, first of all that of Goldberg herself, to wear something comfortable that responds to everyday situations efficiently, without sacrificing personal style and designed for every type of woman, also the one not particularly interested in contemporary fashion but that at the same time finds in the Whoopi’s style a soulmate.


Goldberg’s inspiration for the collection is to be found in the 20s and 30s, a historical period when “you couldn’t tell anybody’s size and everybody looked good” says Whoopi. Some prints were painted by Whoopi’s grandmother and then applied to some clothes. Also, the distribution of Dugbee is democratic as well as the clothes: the offer of the brand indeed will be available on Amazon, Neiman Marcus and Ashley Stewart.

In the future, Goldberg plans to expand the brand by conceiving a line for children that would call Oopi by Whoopi, by the nickname given to her by her grandmother, and also one for dogs and for the house.

Words by Ludovica Mucci


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