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"Fendi SS20 menswear: a family affair"


Gardening and the love for cinema have been two main factors in Silvia Venturini Fendi’s childhood. Rise with the company of great Italian directors, such as Fellini and Bertolucci, whose relationship (personal and professional) with her mother and uncle was very strong, Fendi is now close to one of the major Italian contemporary director, well known all over the world and estimated by many: Luca Guadagnino.

The collaboration started some years ago and now it presented itself again, in a new form - especially after the death of Lagerfeld, which marks a turning point in the life of the Roman brand.

Guadagnino’s aesthetic, his interest for passion and desire and their visual and tattile expression, is mixed with Fendi’s heritage and gives life to a surprising collection, where gardening is the main topic.


The topic is extremely modern: on one side an artistic reflection on Fendi’s personal roots and nature, and the influences her education still has on the production; on the other side the necessity to reconnect with environment, with the genuine side of life, to take a break from the iper connected and stressful social landscape. The collection is indeed slow, detached, relaxed.

Colours and materials are natural: cotton, silk, organza. The utility style is chic. Fendi’s man of the future is a real gentleman, committed to the planet Earth and who wants to make a difference and take care of it. Parka and gilet with huge pockets, wide pants, soft shirts and bucket hat to protect from the sun. Gardening is an intellectual activity on its own, because it means shaping nature, but to favor not to oppress.


Words by Giulia Greco


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