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"Fenty: Rihanna's Brand debuts in Paris"

After the announcement done by luxury giant LVMH about the creation of a brand new luxury Maison Fenty, brand created by international pop-star Rihanna, many considerations have been made about this important invent, that signals a further step of the luxury world towards the changes that our generations is doing and facing. Furthermore, there is a better consideration of themes like diversity, gender fluidity and the participation of even more black women in the fashion industry.


This and many others, are the messages that hide behind Rihanna’s new collection that was presented yesterday in Paris. The Maison offers prêt-à-porter clothing, with shoes and other accessories. Rihanna talked about this new addition in the LVMH group saying that: “Creating a brand with LVMH represents an indescribable, special moment for us. Mister Arnault gave me carte blanche to develop a fashion Maison fully immersed in the luxury universe. I couldn’t hope for a better partner, in creativity and business, I am impatient to unveil our creations”.


The singer had previously started a journey with Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty, respectively a beauty brand and a lingerie brand, reaching in a short time a sensational success thanks to her inclusive and open model towards different beauty canons that were never considered with the right attention and passion they deserve.

Three days ago the brand published its first campaign “FENTY. IT’S OFFICIAL” in which we can see many tailored clothes with neutral tones and forms that don’t respect a gender conformity. From the interview of T: The New York Times Style Magazine one can have a preview of her collection: “[…] structured silhouettes in subdued neutrals (at least to start) that emphasize strong shoulders, cinched waists and exposed legs, the Fenty brand is hoping to disrupt the market not only by channeling the imagination of a black woman but by revolutionizing the luxury distribution model by focusing on direct-to-consumer online sales. This allows Rihanna and her team of collaborators the freedom to drop new additions to the collection […] every few weeks, like singles from an album.”


The collection required two years to be completed, responding to the luxury canons, that require a certain type of applied techniques to the clothes and manufacturing and quality standards. The prices stand between 200€ for a white waist- cinched T-shirt and 1,100€ for a reversible parka. The collection is also about shoes, mainly point-toe strappy sandals with neutral shades. The artist declared that will also be some streetwear elements but luxurious and she highlighted the fluidity of her collection, starting for a serious consideration of all the sizes, to the fluidity in masculine and feminine terms, two elements that blend together, losing the connotation they have always had and embracing the new cultural flow.


The collection will be sold at the pop-up store until the 2nd of June and it will be available online starting from the 29th of May on the official website

Here the first look of the debut:

All photos courtesy

Written by Ludovica Mucci


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