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Florence and the Machine in Milan, a goddess on stage

courtesy of ph. Marina Mazzoli

Simple concert or otherworldly experience? For anyone who was there, the presence of Florence Welch on stage was a bit like watching a goddess sing, a fairy of the woods with incredible voice skills and a kind and humorous heart.

courtesy of ph. Marina Mazzoli

Dressed in a long and veiled dress (wonderful, who knows who the designer was) tone on tone with her long hair, she barefoot danced and jumped like a joyous and impetuous fury to which no one could remain immune for about an hour and a half. Disappointment in hearing her singing and dancing at the same time? Not even the shadow!

courtesy of ph. Marina Mazzoli

And at the exact moment when we were describing her as one of the most powerful female voices of our age, comparing it to Patti Smith, here she is introducing the song "Patricia", explaining that it was dedicated to her, and how important she was as an inspiration in her career and life in general.

courtesy of ph. Marina Mazzoli

In the brief moments of pause between one song and the other she invites us to put away all the phones saying "this moment is only yours, it is something you have to live, and if you still see someone who's using it, please tell him to put it away ", and after having explained it with sweet words she added" but if you want a British version then you could tell 'Put that fucking phone away!', then inviting us to tell our unknown neighbor that we love him, hugging him.

courtesy of ph. Marina Mazzoli

Many lessons of love and solidarity, and she herself often comes close to the barriers to hug her fans in a very loving way. She leaves us with the last song "Shake It Out" inviting us to sing along with her, explaining that she was very tired at the end of their tour.

We sang, of course not even remotely like her, and in the meantime we wondered how would be a not tired Florence, if this is the result of it.

words @martaforgione




Ship to Wreck

Queen of Peace


Dog Days Are Over

Jenny of Oldstones

100 Years


You Got the Love (Candi Staton cover)

Cosmic Love


What Kind of Man


No Choir

Big God

Shake It Out


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