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" #ForTheOceans: 100% green jacket by Etro"

The 4th of June was the #plasticfreeday: a whole day to try to live without plastic. Today, the 8th of June, is the World Ocean Day, which promotes informations and awareness about issues related with the sea since 1992, when the environmental summit in Rio de Janeiro established it.

For this occasion Etro presents its collection of 100% green jacket. Each jacket is realized with 120 plastic bottles from the sea and all the production process is eco friendly, certificated by New Life Yarn. According to the latter, arrangements taken during the production allow to reduce CO2 emissions of 32%, water's consumption of 94% and electricity's consumption of 60%.

courtesy Vogue

Kean Tro, creative director of the brand, has always been committed to environmental issues. In 2001 he laughed the BenEtroEssere label, a bio fashion project for the research of new green fabrics and sustainable production process. To respect the environment and protect nature "is not a slogan", but it is a long process, especially when we talk about fashion.

Fashion garments production involves a huge number of productive sectors, materials and people: each of them ask for attention.

courtesy Vogue

The sustainable collection by Etro will be available in Etro stores starting from July.

It is important to sustain and promote positive production practices, which Etro is an example of. Lots of brands are trying to change their production chains, in order to produce clothes that respect nature in all the processes: starting from fabrics' production, going through processing and final disposal.

Brands' dialogue is very important, because sharing initiatives, technological novelties and ideas can positively influences competitors. Clients' choices are very important too, because they drive the market and the final decisions. It's fundamental that consumers share their interest and attention to garments' provenance.

Common commitment is the only path we can take for a greener future.

Written by Giulia Greco


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