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Ganni: the first London's store is open

The Danish brand has finally opened, on August 16th, its first store in Soho, London where we can find exclusive fabulous items.

The creative director Ditte Reffstrup describes this step as a real dream that come true: "London is a place that has always had my heart. I’ve been coming for inspiration since I was a teenager. It was my first big city experience – coming from a small town in northern Denmark, my whole world cracked open. There’s nothing like people watching in London and I’ve always been in love with the Britpop culture.”

To celebrate this opening you can find 3 exclusive pieces in the store that are not found in any other city, and sustainable campaigns have already been launched for the recycling of old clothes that customers no longer wear and intend to throw away, whatever brand they may be. You can bring these clothes and shoes into the shop (instead of throwing them in the garbage) and help Ganni to study new methods of circularity.

Reffstrup and the husband Nicolaj contributed to the design of the store, created by the Copenhagen studio Stamuli Architecture, of almost 256 square meters that looks bright, colorful and fun like their home, enhancing it with artworks by their favorite artists.


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