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Get tickets for London Fashion Week

On the 15th of July the British Fashion Council, the organization that presides every activity related

to the fashion industry in the United Kingdom, announced that the next London Fashion Week,

which will take place from the 13 th to the 17 th of September, is going to witness an important

novelty: for the first time, indeed, one of the four global fashion weeks will open its doors to the

public., photo credit: AFP PHOTO/POOL/Yui Mok

Starting from the edition of the next September, two different types of audiences will be attending

London Fashion Week. On one side, the trade audience will attend on schedule catwalk shows and

presentations routinely across the 5 days of London Fashion Week from the 13 th to the 17 th of

September. On the other side, the public audience will be able to purchase a ticket to experience the

London Fashion Week: in fact, there will be a selection of designers that will showcase 6 ticketed

catwalk shows which will take place at the official London Fashion Week Hub, on Saturday 14th

and Sunday 15th September 2019. The public will be able to assist to various activities, such as

creative installations, industry-led talk panels from experts of the fashion industry, the DiscoveryLAB, an experiential space where fashion meets art, technology and music and a brand

new Designer Exhibition, where the creative work of progressive designers explores the most

compelling stories around sustainability, community and ethics. So, especially through the Designer

Exhibition, the British Fashion Council will give space to the #PositiveFashion initiative, giving the

guests the chance to discover new brands and to learn how the fashion industry can be a force for


Plus, according to what the British Fashion Council stated, the celebration of London Fashion Week will extend to the entire city, including activities and events that will be curated by the BFC in

partnership with key retailers, cultural institutions and brands to engage an as wide as possible

audience, including people who may not have previously engaged with the fashion world.

The tickets for the catwalk shows are already on sale on

The standard ticket is 135 pounds, while it will also be possible to sit in the front row paying 245 pounds.

So, it would seem that the fashion world might be becoming always less exclusive, opening more

and more to the exterior world. Bret Easton Ellis also talked about this topic in an essay published

on the July 2019 issue of Vogue Italia. The American writer indeed criticized this inclusivity trend

of the last few years: «The analogical world of the Nineties was tactile and exclusive – there were

secrets and secrets made everything more exciting. The democratization of arts made possible by

technology and social media made everything flat and boring, and because most of our experiences

happen digitally everything seems even farther. We might be able to see everything - behind the

scenes on every photoshoot and fashion fitting and runway show streamed live, and getting intimate

glimpses of a model we follow on Instagram - but we are still separated from it and in the end we

are painfully aware of the chasm that lies between us and them, which is another reminder that the

internet actually makes people feel more lonely than it makes them feel interconnected. Internet

killed the enthusiasm because everything is too widespread, too much equivocally available, too

fake – everyone can ‘experiment’ everything, but the mystery is gone. Transparency is good when

talking, let’s say, about politicians and big entrepreneurial groups, but maybe in arts and fashion the mystery – a mystery that seems the heritage of a very long-gone era – is what they should aspire to, a way to make fashion more exclusive and desirable. Why would something be so desirable if

everyone can somehow have access to it? Isn’t it like having a relationship with someone who

sleeps with everyone you know? ».

Surely, despite what Bret Easton Ellis – who was criticised by many for the opinions he expressed on this essay – affirmed, thanks to the London Fashion Week initiative, many people will be able to experience the fashion world first-hand, though in a limited manner: in fact, the fashion shows open to the public will be only six and the brands involved have yet to be announced.

words Elena Affricani


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