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Gucci will restore the Rupe Tarpea

Rupe Tarpea, Roma

In these last few years the Florentine Maison has demonstrated a deep interest and love for the

Italian cultural heritage, which has been a source of inspiration for the creative direction of Roman

designer Alessandro Michele. This time, Gucci has promoted the restoration of the Rupe Tarpea, in

collaboration with the superintendence of Rome, together with the reassessment project of the

Garden of Belvedere of Villa Tarpea, by investing a total amount of 1,6 million of euros.

Alessandro Michele’s love for his Rome is the leitmotiv that in these last few years has had an

impact in his creations, starting from the latest Gucci Cruise 2020 collection held in the Capitoline

Museums, or the influence of classic arts and sculptures in the advertising campaigns, as for

example the last Gucci Tailoring campaign, which saw Harry Styles surrounded by artworks and


This project sees the Maison involved in the restoration of one of the most important historical

sites of Rome; the Rupe Tarpea is the steep cliff located on the southern summit of Capitoline Hill,

from which traitors were thrown down, metaphorically symbolizing their expulsion from the Urbe.

The renovation includes the valorisation of the sides of the Capitoline Hill, as stated by Director of

Capitoline Museums prof. Claudio Parisi Presicce. The restoration activity also comprehends the

maintenance of the Gardens, which have been closed to the public for years.

Gucci Cruise 2020 at musei capitolini - courtesy of

Concerning this important project, Gucci’s CEO Marco Bizzarri has declared: “Is an immense

honour for me having the possibility to give a contribution to the Eternal City, to the city where

our Creative Director was born and that hosts our Creative Office. The constant dialogue between

the old and Alessandro symbolises the everyday, the contemporaneity of Gucci. An infinite

conversation that happens today, because every day we face the presence of our artistic and

cultural heritage that is never lumbering. Is an infinite joy for all Gucci and me to contribute to

the restoration of the Rupe Tarpea and its restitution to Romans and visitors like me.”

words Ludovica Mucci


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