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"Haute Couture FW 2019-2020: Valentino"

Alessandro Lucioni ©

Is there something Pier Paolo Piccioli can’t imagine? Would it come, eventually, a moment when his imagination would be over and won’t be a “next level” to reach anymore? Each show, male or female, reach a new level, that makes voice trembling and eyes wet for the perfection.

This show has everything: perfect colours, cure of details, desire of amusement, and, especially, there’s the proudness for craftsmanship. Piccioli knows who thanks when his (and also our) dreams come true.

Alessandro Lucioni ©

Dresses are as usual a pure vision about fabrics and colours. There’s a strong tribal influence under it, whose perfectly shown in accessories, such as headgears, fringes made out of thick wool on gowns and coats, and patterns too. Earrings as well are very long and pendant, and make you dream about never ending landscapes and foreign countries.

Alessandro Lucioni ©

The real power of Valentino is the ability to speak about inclusivity in a light way. No polemic, no fingers pointed towards events and people, no screaming in loud voice. It is a gentle and polite inclusivity, very natural indeed and acculturated, of who look at the differences and make them theirs.

On the stage different garments show one after the other: beautifully embroidery capes, taffeta dresses, mohair skirts and baby blue furry coat. Each outfit is a proper world, with its own story and its own peculiar flavor. In the same time everyone is strongly linked with the others, forming a harmonious ensemble, to dream about a better future.

Alessandro Lucioni ©

Words by Giulia Greco


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