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In the backstage with Michael Anthony, the celebrities' make-up artist

His life is filled with glamour, his skin is divinely tattooed and his cute white bull terrier follows along his adventures in life and career: Michael Anthony is all of this and much more. By having a look at his Instagram’s gallery, you’ll immediately realize he is a creative individual with an extraordinary talent. Brushes, exclusive palettes and the most desired make-up brands follow one another in the pictures he shares with more than 50K followers. But there’s another face (a very famous one, indeed) who is protagonist as much as him in his account: the one and only Katy Perry, whose make-up artist is Michael Anthony himself.


courtesy Michael Anthony

Michael, how did you start your career?

I grew up receiving art supplies as birthday gifts and Christmas presents since my parents noticed I had a penchant for the arts. I was mesmerized by my mother and sisters’ beauty and obsessed with the glam icons of the ‘80s and ‘90s: the two combined created a passion for all things related to beauty.

I started my career like many of the greats, at the department store in the beauty bay! It’s one of the best places to learn to apply make-up to different complexions and to navigate different personalities. I further my career and understanding of the way make up works by doing fashion week in New York, London and Paris.

Rita Ora, makeup by Michael Anthony | courtesy Getty Images

You created Katy Perry’s beauty look for Met Gala 2019. How was interpreting “Camp”?

The MET Gala is such a unique event, and it is definitely one of the highlights of the year for me (Michael was there with Katy in 2018 too, ed.). For 2019, the interpretation of “Camp” was seen out by Jeremy Scott for Moschino as a living chandelier, which made my job quite easy. I focused on making Katy look as beautiful, flawless and radiant as possible using exclusively Covergirl products! My favorite part of that look was the shade of lipstick, which was a beautiful peachy coral from her “Katy Cat Matt” collection!

Katy Perry at MET Gala, makeup by Michael Anthony | courtesy Getty Images

Any favorite make-up looks among those you’ve created for Katy Perry?

When we filmed American Idol season 2, every episode was a different make up look. As you can imagine, it was so much fun for someone like me who likes to play with color. I would say that one that comes to mind is a neon green eyeliner that she wore for auditions. I got a lot of questions about what products are used and that was exciting being able to communicate through my art!


words by Federica Caiazzo


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