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"Karl Lagerfeld Forever: the final commemoration in Paris"

©David Atlan

June 20th, Paris: Karl Lagerfeld’s final commemoration has taken place at the Grand Palais. A private show, with friends and collaborators of the grand master all together in one of his dearest place. A party, made by artists for an artist, which celebrated creation and genius in their most pure essence. Karl Lagerfeld’s artistic creation had always been unselfish, deeply intellectual and visionary.

Photographs, videos and interviews, a Steinway piano in the middle of the room and a sequence of personalities, such as Pharrell Williams, Tilda Swinton and Cara Delevigne. Each of them pay homage to Karl on their own way.

©Luc Castel and Julio Piatti

©Christope Archaimbault

In such an occasion one may ask if the true sense of fashion has not been lost after all. Extreme consumerism and desperate selling made fashion a huge business, worthing milliard of dollars per year and involving a great part of the world population. We are all sucked into this crazy vortex, and it’s normal to wonder, from time to time, on the real sense of it all - if a sense still exists.

©Francois Mori/AP/shuttertstock

Karl Lagerfeld remembers us that true genius does exist and it is destined for great things in the crowd. His artistic creations deserve to be celebrated for this reason, and it’s going to be an inspiration for many designers to come. Who had the chance to work with him, like the 2500 guests at the memorial, but who lived in the same historical period he lives too - seeing the development and enjoying his creations, should be considered privileged, because of the great chance to assist to something unique.

Words Giulia Greco


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