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Lady Gaga launches her new beauty line

Following the lead of many other celebrities in the last few years, Lady Gaga has announced her

new make-up line, Haus Laboratories, which will be on sale from September exclusively on

Amazon. Haus Laboratories released a promotional video inspired to its founder’s philosophy on

make-up: the new beauty brand is indeed based on the idea of inclusive beauty, which is now more

than ever relevant in the beauty industry and also to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. The campaign video,

shot by photographer Daniel Sannwald, went live on the 9th of July and shows a diverse cast, in

terms of both ethnicity and gender, wearing equally diverse make-up styles: from eccentric black

lips to a barely-visible make-up. «When we made this film, I really wanted that feeling of self-

discovery and self-acceptance and really loving who you are in a way that may be completely

unconventional», stated Lady Gaga in an interview for Business of Fashion. «They say beauty is in

the eye of the beholder, but at Haus Laboratories, we say that beauty is how you see yourself»; says

Gaga in the campaign video. «We want you to love yourself. Your Haus, your rules».

Haus Laboratories is going to be the first relevant make-up brand to be sold exclusively on

Amazon. On this decision, Lady Gaga stated that traditional beauty companies (such as Sephora and Ulta, for example) would have deleted from the equation the message of self-acceptance, which is very important for Lady Gaga and is at the very base of her brand, while Amazon understood the

importance of the message she wants to spread: «I’m sure as hell not going to put out a beauty

brand that is going to drive insecurity and fear into people. This is about liberation». Amazon will

make it possible to make the line accessible to everyone and at the same moment: the project is to

launch the line in nine countries on three continents including the US, France and Japan this

September. The products, however, will be available for pre-ordering since the 15th of July.

In a post on Instagram Lady Gaga shared the inspiration behind Haus Labs: «When I was young, I

never felt beautiful. And as I struggled to find a sense of both inner and outer beauty, I discovered

the power of makeup. […] It was then that I invented Lady Gaga. I found the superhero within me

by looking in the mirror and seeing who I wanted to be. Sometimes beauty doesn't come naturally

from within. But I'm so grateful that makeup inspired a bravery in me I didn't know I had. […]»

The launch collection consists of multi-use colour items for cheeks, eyes and lips come in six shade

families, with kits containing all three products. The brand is going to have relatively affordable

prices, even though higher than the majority of brands sold on Amazon: in fact, the kits will be $49.

They probably trust the fact that consumers will begin to spend on Amazon the same amount of

money they’re already spending in traditional stores operating in the beauty industry.

Gaga chose make-up for her entry in the beauty world, and not skincare or haircare products exactly because «Color is completely transformative - it's powerful, it's beautiful, and it's how I found my voice with makeup. I discovered myself, but also other people discovered me, for me, through the way that I was expressing myself». However, the Haus Beauty brand, already registered in 2018, has the rights for creating - other than make-up - perfumes, skincare products and many others. Therefore, we can surely expect a future expansion of the products offered by the brand.

words Elena Affricani


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