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Leandra Medine x Mango: the new collaboration is coming

Spanish fast-fashion company Mango has announced the new collaboration for a capsule collection

with Leandra Medine, author and founder of Man Repeller, an online space where people can

celebrate the power of freely expressing who they are “with the conviction that an interest in

fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect”.

At the moment, there is no more news except that in recent times Mango has announced many

collaborations and liasons to increase the visibility of the brand. In this sense, it is recent the

agreement with Macy’s, a US distribution chain and the collaboration with the Argentinian

influencer Sofia Sanchez de Betak for the Met Gala. These marketing strategies seem to work,

witnessed by the increase in turnover in 2018 of 1.8% and the 550 million visits in the store, which

are the 22% more than those of the previous year.

This is not the first time that Mango and Medine have worked together, let’s not forget about the

2017 advertising campaign Mango Journeys. Leandra is not unfamiliar with the collaborations,

indeed she realized a capsule collection with Atea Oceanie in 2016.

Surely it will be an interesting collaboration given the sometimes eccentric and courageous looks

displayed by the author, who has made of her sparkling personality an act of style, creativity and

uniqueness, not only conveyed through the clothes, but also through Man Repeller’s editorial

approach. The capsule collection will be unveiled in October 2019.

words Ludovica Mucci


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