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"Let Me Down Easy" - editorial

Preview editorial from October print issue

"What does it mean to be truly fearless for the GenZ?

For them (and we hope others will follow their example in the

future) gender fluidity is a totally normal condition.

The author Kate Bornstein explains:

"The ability to become freely and knowingly one or more

of an infinite number of genres for any time

and for any number of changes."

The freedom to not be identified.

And to feel even only for a day more male, or more female.

Freedom therefore for a man to wear a skirt one day,

and a suit the next day in a natural way,

as it would be for a woman to wear a tuxedo.

The future is free and without fears and preconceptions.

It is impossible to tell when the change will be rooted in society,

but the right path that has been traced is already visible.”

-words Giulia Greco

Photography Edda Petursdottir & Lotte Thor

Style Alex Mcfadyen

Model Daniela Dominique

c/o M4 Models Management

Makeup, Hair Style Dirk Neuhöfer

c/o Phoenix Agentur

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