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Let’s recap: Hong Kong Fashion Week

Anaïs Jourden show | courtesy of

From 4 to 7 September, fashion was the protagonist of the Hong Kong fair organized by the HKTDC association (Hong Kong Trade Development). Centrestage, this is the name of the project, represents a very interesting reality, a large panel in which to breathe fashion, discuss it and admire it. Centrestage, in fact, has not only dealt with the organization of the long-awaited Fashion Show, but has promoted many other initiatives, such as summits, debates on sustainability in the textile sector, a contest for young designers and the Centrestage Elites 2019, an event focused exclusively on the shows of Altuzarra and Anaïs Jourden, held on the first day of the fair.

Altuzarra show | courtesy of

Joseph Altuzarra’s multidisciplinary approach is the foundation of his collections. In the

official interview for Centrestage Altuzarra tells about his interest in literature, art, theatre,

psychology, and how these disciplines influence his work by outlining the defining features

of his creations. For the Pre-Spring 2020 collection presented in Hong Kong, Altuzarra

was inspired by the film “Three Women” by Robert Altman, in particular by the

locations and the peculiar American narrative, as well as by the lines and colors of the

1970s. Once again Joseph Altuzarra presents himself to the public as an avid observer of

reality, a sociologist inspired by the facts and colors of life portraying a confident woman

with an elegant allure.

Anaïs Jourden show | courtesy of

Characterized by more aggressive and not at all predictable traits, is the Pre-Spring 2020 collection by Anaïs Mak for Anaïs Jourden, creator of a style that overturns the classic canons of femininity with techniques and fabrics of a strong visual impact. For this collection, the designer from Hong Kong played with the feminine silhouette through the skillful use of fabrics and processing techniques, starting with tight long dresses, fringed skirts and high leather boots. The predominant shades were mostly light, tending to white, pale pink and blue, colors in full harmony with the total atmosphere of the show: neon lights, a minimal walkway and a screen on which women’s faces were projected. The characterization of the female model of Anaïs Jourden is further enriched thanks to the surrounding space, perfectly in line with the uniqueness and creative spirit of her hometown.

Altuzarra show | courtesy of

September 4 was also the day when the Hong Kong Fashion Show was held, the second

show after Centrestage Elite which inaugurated the evening.

Among the participating brands there were some internationally known Hong Kong native



An explosion of colors and patchwork dominated the catwalk of 112 mountainyam. Along with prints, organza and pleated skirts, the namesake brand of the designer Mountain Yam presented clothes with structured silhouettes, faithful to the brand’s urban inspiration, but at the same time close to nature thanks to the typical shades of spring.

Men’s fashion hit the runway with From Another Planets, which this year presented a Pre-Spring 2020 collection with bright colors and causal, sporty style. Jackets, shorts and T-shirts were mainly characterized by straight and minimal lines.

Structured clothes inspired by the dynamism of the city were instead those of designer Meiking NG. The homonymous brand presented a collection of clothes for men and women of almost surrealist inspiration, proposing an ideal of metropolitan chic woman and man. The predominant colors were lilac and red, the square-printed suits and pleated skirts gave movement and structure to the silhouette, giving it dynamism and character.

Anaïs Jourden show | courtesy of

Methodology of Glori Tsui presented dresses of cubist imprint, advancing design from bright colors and shapes that were never predictable. With the Pre-Spring 2020 collection of men’s and women’s clothing, Glori Tsui remained faithful to the Methodology DNA, by presenting a comfortable style, suitable for multiple situations.

Altuzarra show | courtesy of

Yeung Chin closed the fashion show with a futuristic catwalk, where the clothes seemed to become one with the models and have their own peculiar characterization. Traditional techniques and fabrics – the black lace was the predominant one- blended with the most innovative creativity, reaching new balances. The futuristic installations enriched the clothes carrying the Victorian era in 2019.

words Ludovica Mucci


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