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"LFW: Ashish SS20"

All images here by Daniele Oberrauch c/o

The decorative basis of this collection comes from the Indian traditional clothes, with their warm colours, the sparkles and the mirror decorations. In the same time, taking with both hand from this tradition, so rich emotionally speaking, Ashish also recalls the hippies imaginary of the 60s, with its freedom expressed though loosen shapes of clothes, maxi colourful jumpsuits and in decorations.

The set of the show itself was meant to envelop the audience into a dense atmosphere, with incense smoke, music and spirituality. A sort of come back to our hidden spiritual origins.

Ashish did not stop to the appearance, but he went deeper, taking care to every step of the creation in order to make very special garments.

Clothes are made with vintage fabrics the designer collected during his trips in India. In the same way accessories are made with materials he found during the journey. The fine work of a life, with the memory he collected, the places he visited, the experiences he made. Ashish collection gives life to a completely new cult, taking inspiration from here and there, which seems to be the perfect recipe for our interior serenity.

Words by Giulia Greco


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