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"LFW: Burberry SS20"

All images here by Filippo Fior c/o

Riccardo Tisci is a good designer for real, and his work at Burberry just demonstrates it every time again. His very wide experience and his innate taste is the exact mix that allows him to fly and take up with him every project he puts the hands on.

There were critics about his work at the historical London based house, we all know, but the favor the public always gives him is the final - and only one - proof we need to clearly see his success. This is especially according to the youngest generation, the one many luxury brands are taking as the main target of today, and the one this collection is talking with. Very openly, frankly. Tisci hs clear in his mind the importance of Burberry's heritage and history, but he also knows pretty well how the contemporary society moves. Very fast, every day more conscious, the public must be heard and pleased: taste changes, fashion goes on and the brands must go with the flow.

We find a lot of classy pieces: sartorially is highly appreciated today and suits made of gray jersey, so easy and elegant, are the exact symbol of Burberry. Together with them the new revisitation of the iconic trench coat and silky foulards, we already saw as complements in some dresses and jackets in the past seasons.

There is then the street-note, much more present now and much more catchy. Wide t-shirts, baggy shorts and technic jackets, with a very sweet touch. Tisci, with Abloh and Kim Jones, is working hard to menswear to redefine the idea of masculinity.

Business clothes for the day, comfy clothes for the everyday life, party dresses to go out with friends. Prints mix and match, stripes and zebra print and the very traditional Burberry's check. Gorgeous the final dresses, made of layers: a first one of fine and precious lace, and the second one, seen-through, with a technic black jumpsuit underneath.

Words by Giulia Greco


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