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"LFW: Christopher Kane SS20"

All images here by Carlo Scarpato c/o

Christopher Kane’s collection, done in collaboration with his sister Tammy, is entitled “Eco-Sexual” and it celebrates not the love for nature itself, but the sexual act with nature, the total communion with the world around us that maybe we have lost - or so they say.

The reproductive force of nature has always had a strong fascination on the designer and he finally gives expression to it with this collection. Prints are extremely realistic, real pictures taken in nature and then print on dresses. Green fields where daisies grow, a blue sky with some white clouds, stars and planets all around. If the story starts from the planet Earth it then goes on and take part to the entire universe.

Garments, especially in the last part of the show, have something that reminds us of intergalactic adventures on rockets built during the 80s. Mini dresses for instance, both the black ones and the bright orange, have plastic coloured applications. Boots as well present the same motif, that makes them futuristic, still having something old, as much as the half spherical buttons and applications.

From the shape of nature come the sensuality of this collection, the cuts and the gowns, made of pieces of fabric that recall the petals of flowers.

Colours are amazing too. The base is black and then we find orange, red and salmon pink, all very bright, and an intense acid green we love.

Words by Giulia Greco


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