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"LFW: Erdem SS20"

All images here by Salvatore Dragone c/o

Erdem's collection has a sweet aftertaste of American prairie landscape from the past century, of beloved and matched garments, not meant only for special occasion but for the special side of everyday life. Women dress in impeccable ways, shapes are wide, fabrics are pure and immaculate. Also colours and accessories come from this landscape. A second interpretative line tie it up with the beauty and the pomp of the victorian age, and with the power and the centrality woman always had in this landscape.

Erdem get us used to this kind of refined style and way of thinking, and his collection has something atemporal that always strikes us.

Central in his creative process is the finding of a relevant person to take inspiration from. Stories that hits him, and that he wants to pay homage to.

This time at the center of the tale we find Tina Modotti, born in Italy and then moved to America, working in a first time as actress, then becoming a journalist and activist inside the Communist Party in Mexico. "Each outfit was like a postcard from a part of her life" the designer said, and this is enough to create a strong fascination around her figure. A woman with belief and ideals, with the strength to follow them firmly, till the end of her own life.

Words by Giulia Greco


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