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"LFW: JW Anderson SS20"

All images here by Carlo Scarpato c/o

The Spring Summer 2020 collection by JW Anderson is elegant and sophisticated, both in evening dresses, which are the majority, and in the daily apparel. In the show we found some of the most cool trends of the moment, such as the lower waist line, the predilection for loosen and comfortable shapes and, last but not least, a very street style detail, i.e. shoes’ laces tied over the pants, with a sort of baloon form.

The woman JW Anderson imagines for the future is independent and they dress according to their personal taste, with a chic and casual spirit, because this is how they are like in their deep. It is a hymn to femininity indeed, where we also find some explicit symbols, like the decoration on the breast in some of the gown. That the embroidery has the shape of an infinte is not by chance. Limitless freedom and limitless possibilities, this is indeed what define our time and the new female situation in the world.

These decorations are also the starting point for sophisticated details, proper mosaics made of pearls and little diamonds in gold and silver on the cut on the side, belts and circular design on the gowns. Together with these precious elements, JW Anderson puts some “poor” materials, like rope, on sandals (but with some tear shape crystals, like the ones in chandeliers), on bags and on sweaters, going together with sartorial pants. A good mix of sophistication and casualness.

Our favorite pieces are the suits, the golden one especially, with their contrasted bands, and the drapes on tunics. Very cool.

Words by Giulia Greco


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