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"Louis Vuitton SS20 menswear: what matters in pop modern culture"


Virgil Abloh has made everybody speaking about him. Astonishment, for sure, critiques and general lack of confidence on his ability to write the next chapter of a brand such as Louis Vuitton. First brand in the luxury market worldwide according to statistics, Louis Vuitton represents a huge responsibility, hard to be managed. Abloh launched himself into it with no hesitation at all. And now he’s making everybody think twice about his work.


It’s hard to say if this is because of great confidence in his own skills, or if it came from the natural path of a prodige child, who has been put in front of the opportunity of a lifetime and deep into it and bloom. As the flowers have bloomed on the Louis Vuitton’s runways in Paris. The menswear collection is a tribute to inner nature and interior world, where the curiosity of the child is mixed with the wide cultural background of the designer. Inspirations come from everywhere and they are not difficult to discover, as Diet Prada argued on Instagram. But Abloh is not ashamed of it. In the modern creativity who had the first idea is not important anymore. What really matter is the ability to learn and to use new concepts and ideas. And Abloh is the great master of it.


The collection is far from everyday life and models fly in a dreamy atmosphere, where creamy colours transform every look in a fair of feelings. Lines are hard and classic, jackets are the result of high sartorial skills. Materials are full and heavy, of a particular consistence - the eye is not enough, the collection requires the work of all five senses.

Words by Giulia Greco

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