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"Make Fashion Circular: to a new concept of denim"

The Redesign Jeans will be available in shops by 2021, realization of an initiative of Make Fashion Circular in collaboration with some big names of the fashion system.

Sustainable and produced through green and eco-friendly procedures, easily biodegradable and lasting in time. These are just some characteristics the new Redesign denim must have in order to respect the guidelines posed by the association.

courtesy Make Fashion Circular

This is only the start of a long journey, aiming to change, in a reasonable amount of time, the entire fashion chain, making it sustainable and lowering its impact over nature.

Make Fashion Circular is born as an initiative of the Ellen McArthur Foundation, whose goal is to improve the fashion system, bringing together on one side the importance of clothes in our everyday life (culturally speaking but also for economic, personal and utilitarian reasons) and the environmental duties we have to face today on the other. If clothes are at the basis of our everyday life, so it should be our social commitment towards the Planet Heart.

For this reason the initiative tries to find clean and safe fabrics, prepared through green procedures, good for workers as well, producing long lasting jeans, easy to recycled once over. A circular economy, that ask for everyone’s collaboration in order to work properly. From producers to consumers, passing through governments, every layers of the system should collaborate. Make Fashion Circular is now trying to ampliate its network, working with label like Burberry, Gap Inc., H&M Group, HSBC, NIKE Inc., and Stella McCartney among others.


Fashion houses that collaborate now with Redesign project can use the Redesign Jeans label on their products assuring the complete traceability of them, 98% of the composition made of cellulose fibers and the decrease of the presence of metallic details.

We hope the movement will expand in time, to new labels and new products both. This is the only way to use our resources in a smart way, with no waste and no pollution.

Changing the fashion field has capital importance, because of its massive presence and impact over our society and planet.

Words by Giulia Greco


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