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"Max Mara Pre Fall 2020"

Max Mara's Pre Fall 2020 is so pleasantly subversive that it left us with the irrepressible desire to see how it will evolve in the upcoming fashion shows. The twist is rock and unexpected because, even if it does not abandon the bon ton typical of the brand, it brings with it a totally new rhythm.

The style icon is Debbie Harry who, in the late 70s, with her group Blondie, made a revolution in the world of rock. The Max Mara woman aspires to give the same turning point in the new decade and dresses in markedly feminine clothes, with a rebellious and personal touch that will surely appeal to the younger generation of today.

All images here courtesy Max Mara via

Longuette, long dresses, ruffles and tight coats are just some of the items. The t-shirt the brand made on the occasion of its fiftieth birthday has a come back, with the print of a photo by William Wegman, in which his Weimaraner wears the 101801 camel coat. It is worn with elegant suits and palazzo pants, it is iconic, beautiful.

And then there are the cocktail dresses in crispy fabric: the most beautiful is the pink one, in proper Barbie doll style - but a sexy and self-confident version of it.

Each element of the collection is evocative and we also loved makeup and hair. Marked eyes and blond bang, like Debbie Harry had at the time. How can we not be fascinated by it?

words by Giulia Greco


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