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"MFW: Alberta Ferretti SS20"

All images here by Filippo Fior c/o

With the background of natural inspiration depicting a waterfall, the dresses of Alberta Ferretti take us through an exotic journey, of which we can savor the atmosphere like an intense wind on the face, thanks to the warm and relaxing colors tending to brown, beige and orange, and the abstract patterns in pink, purple, blue, which evoke the cheerfulness of summer moments.

Light semi-transparent dresses dominate the scene, as the multicolored ruffles and iconic total black ones with embroidered details and classic ones belonging to the unmistakable Ferretti’s style. Interesting and definitely from the '70s inspiration are the jackets, which accentuate the silhouette with a brown leather belt. They recall in particular the Safari Saint Laurent jackets. The accessories balanced the collection by amplifying the overall feeling, especially the single earring and the wide hats that hided part of the face. Flair pants, shorts with a very comfortable fit and blouses are the main pieces.

In the end, the long dresses for the summer evenings further communicate Alberta Ferretti’s style. The loose fit is balanced by large belts that define the silhouette, sequins and slits behind the back ended the show with determination and an elegant sensuality.

Words by Ludovica Mucci


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