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"MFW: Anteprima SS20"

all images courtesy of Guitar press office

Havana, a bright smile that takes away all sadness, where cultures intertwine, that's happiness. That's how the notes on the Spring Summer 20 show at Anteprima come to an end, and the magic begins. Of sunny landscapes, scorched earth, hot wind and rustling vegetation. The show was a small exotic pearl, inspired by a city that will always have its own special charm - forever trapped in a timeless limbo, between past and future - firm time.

From Havana come the colors, the brittle ones of the colonial houses and the golden ones of the earth. Forms also come from Havana, fluctuating and delicate, because they leave the skin free to breathe. And the materials, the raffia and the linen among others: what is better than natural fabrics, which take their strength and freshness from the earth?

The Anteprima collection is made to enjoy the atmosphere of a city whose strength will always reside in cultural exchange. Nothing is better than meeting to achieve things never imagined before. And it is the perfect wardrobe next summer, which we hope will be full of joy and freedom.

Here all looks of the show:

Words by Giulia Greco


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