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"MFW: Antonio Marras SS/20"

all image here by Filippo Fior c/o | courtesy of Vogue

A Japanese princess escapes from a combined marriage with a noble from her country that she does not love, finds herself in Sardinia and falls in love with a Sardinian shepherd. This story, inspired by the imagination of designer Antonio Marras, inspired the SS20 collection: «I wanted to combine, but also put in contrast, two worlds, two different islands: Japan and Sardinia. From contrasts, frictions, and contradictions I draw the lymph I pour into what I do».

The fashion show was held on the fourth day of Milan Fashion Week in the Elfo Puccini theater. The choice of a theater as a location for the fashion show is not accidental: Antonio Marras, in fact, wanted to combine fashion with theater by staging, in addition to the actual fashion show of the models, a theatrical show in which ten performers told the love story between Princess Shiro and Baingio the shepherd.

The influence of traditional Japanese garments is noteworthy: kimonos are the characterizing element of this collection. «Some kimonos are original, others personalized, cut, reshaped and embroidered by the hands of Sardinian embroiderers who make kits, with lots of love for detail», the designer told Corriere della Sera. Marras, therefore, combines the tradition of Italian tailoring with the tradition of Japanese clothing to create an original and surprising collection.

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words Elena Affricani


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