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"MFW: Boss SS20"

all images here by Alessandro Lucioni c/o | courtesy of Vogue

“The pattern that runs through the collection was inspired by an early morning walk I took through Hudson Yards early in the summer. The sun was just rising and the colours, especially the blues, were mirrored in all the buildings there.” In this way, chief brand officer Ingo Wilts, explains his latest spring-summer 2020 collection for Boss displayed in Milan.

The chosen space, in fact, is almost aseptic, and the blue seems the dominant colour. For this collection Wilts has focused mainly on men’s and women’s suits, which allowed him to experiment with shapes and sizes, showing off silhouettes with modern cuts. Examples of this exercise of style are the female pants with wide volumes paired with more fitted jackets and vice versa.

The whole collection had a well calibrated mood board about colours; very interesting in this sense several garments ranging from the most important shades of blue, up to a lighter blue palette, through beige, grey, lemon yellow and pale green. The total white look of the suits, coats and skirts of a minimal cut have surely dominated the scene, as well as the few pieces in total red and the wise use of leather in men’s suits, coats and wrap skirts.

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words Ludovica Mucci


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