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"MFW: Cividini SS20"

All images here by Isidore Montag c/o

Cividini decided to create a Spring Summer 2020 that would also be a work of art, as well as a collection of clothes. Like the great and small works of art we encounter every day on our way - whether it is our favorite painting or the still image of a video that we distractedly see on the screen of the man sitting next to us on the subway - also in this collection he plays with colors and makes them the vehicle through which he speaks to its audience and excites it.

The visual arts do exactly the same, only that Cividini's color is spread on 3D canvases, while paintings, cinema and photography use a two-dimensional space then modified through illusion.

The colours of this collection - so airy and impalpable - range over a very natural palette (the super big future trend): beige, blue and green, a touch of pale pink that recalls the hazy sky above the horizon, in the fictitious hour in which it is neither day and night and everything takes on shaded colours. The process that led to this palette starts with a famous film by Bertolucci, with Storaro on photography: Tea in the Desert.

It is not surprising then to find these light materials, the style vaguely explorer, with multi-pocket trousers and classic-cut shirts under linen dusters. Instead, the see-through clothes are amazing, which let us catch a glimpse of underwear and that reminded us of the transparent layer of atmosphere, which is interposed in front of the human eye when it carefully scrutinises the burning horizon of the African desert and sees, beyond the mist, what is perhaps a mirage - or maybe not.

Words by Giulia Greco


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