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"MFW: Emporio Armani SS20"

All images here by Filippo Fior c/o | courtesy of Vogue

Air is the name of the show. Airy is the spirit and the direction fashion is going to nowadays. Fabrics light as clouds, shapes that follow the one of the body and change according to it as atmospherical agents do. Head up to the sky and feet on the ground, with strong roots in the Emporio Armani’s tradition. A collection so free and light that seems untouchable. The heavier fabric is velvet, but it is so bright and silky that you don’t feel it. If the style is so elegant and doesn’t give space to doubts and uncertainty about the extremely good taste Mr Armani (incredibly) still has - classy but always up-to-date - colours are surprising and make us dream.

It starts with a blush pink, then going on with different tones of blue, from the most impalpable to the most bright and tonal. We arrive at a pistachios green and then a silver gray like sky sometimes is at the beginning of summer, when light crush on clouds on the horizon line on the sea. A palette that seems poetry, an art Emporio Armani never gives up to practice.

The last part of the show acquire in materiality and tact. Paillettes in cocktail dresses are of different sizes and they are nearly liquid.

Words by Giulia Greco


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