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"MFW Fall 2020: Giordano Torresi"

Giordano Torresi made is come back to Milan fashion scene this year with the support of Camera della Moda. To present his collection, the designer could only choose an excellent architectural setting, ie the Grand Hotel et de Milan and the Sala Verdi, named in honor of the Italian musician.

In addition to architecture, Torresi takes inspiration from the sparkling and liquid landscape we live today. A very present tradition and a future to be explored. The classic and elegant shapes of the shoes are made very special by the PVC details, the weaves and the ultra modern silhouettes.

all images here courtesy Giordano Torresi

To make everything even more special is the care that Torresi reserves for the shopping experience. At the presentation we had the opportunity to try the augmented reality app designed for customers. By framing the garments you want to wear, it becomes very easy to decide which pair of shoes goes best, saving time and playing with inspiration. The same app allows you to customise every detail of the shoes, from the heel to the materials to the initials of the buyer engraved in the sole.

We never expected to meet the future in the Verdi suite.

Words by Giulia Greco


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