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"MFW Fall 2020: Luisa Beccaria"

Luisa Beccaria's presentation for autumn 2020 was held in the side room of LuBar. Needless to say, the location itself was perfect: a mysterious corner in the metropolitan city, where the beauty of the decor is intertwined with plants and flowers, in a semi-circular space that looks like a greenhouse. Nature, in its poignant beauty, envelops everything. Models included, which were covered in flowers. In the tights and long-sleeved tops, with a small flowery print, first of all, a sort of second skin for the models. It made them look like nymphs of the woods, thanks also to the make up by Mac Italia and the hair, painted in blue and pink.

all images here courtesy Luisa Beccaria

And then in the outfits themselves. Layers of tulle reveal the underlying flowers like a jagged blanket of leaves opening up for the observer. On denim the flowers seem to climb. Even the shoes had a floral print.

This ton sur ton of natural prints is decidedly sophisticated, but also fresh. Lightness is precisely the adjective with which we want to describe the collection. Everything from clothes to sets to models conveyed this message. And we, for our part, can't wait to get dressed in flowers and escape to our secret garden for a fresh lemonade.

Words by Giulia Greco


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