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"MFW Fall 2020: No21"

No21 celebrated ten years of history with Fall 2020 show, a few days ago in Milan. Dell’Acqua is known for his positivity and this collection has shown that the first ten years have been just a warm-up for the designer, who is looking forward for future projects. At the same time, Dell’Acqua always seems to have a lot of fun during the creative process. It is he himself who admits his creations usually arise from his own obsessions. Among others, the punk subculture and the bourgeois lifestyle, which do not seem to have many points of contacts indeed, but which harmonize perfectly in his vision. And then, femininity and elegance, two other essential points in everything No21 does.

all images here courtesy INDIGITAL.TV

In the collection sensuality is a compromise. Men's shirts with a classic cut, in white and blue stripes, combined with lace overcoats. Even the evening dresses are not very structured, but they fall rather free on the body. For example, the dress in red sequins, with an American neckline and straight cut. For the accessories, the designer chose chains as finishing, on shoes, belts and also on the necklines of the blouses. A very strong detail on which to build the woman of the future and her story.

Words by Giulia Greco


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