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"MFW: Giorgio Armani SS20"

All images here by Filippo Fior c/o

Giorgio Armani takes once again inspiration from Mother Nature and headlines his Spring Summer 2020 Earth. The clothes in the collection are the transliteration of the forms of nature in fabrics and accessories. The result is exceptional: in one word, energetic, just like the Planet Earth.

The collection moves easily between daily wear and elegant evening dresses, especially in the last part of the show. The undisputed protagonists are the colours, which make the collection vaguely mossy, like those faceted stones found in caves and in the earth and are the precious gift of a benign, warm and soft nature.

The palette ranges from gray, in various tones and on various materials, to blue, which reaches peaks that are also very bright, even if they remain mainly navy. The malachite green is intense, the touch of rose gives a little freshness to the whole. Then there are also some prints, which directly recall the natural world with forms of leaves and flowers. Nothing too refined, but only the lush nature of pristine forests and crystal-clear waterways.

Even jewels have a very important role in the collection, as always in Armani after all. The shapes are rounded, the materials are still in shades of blue and metallic gray. They create a nice movement around the models' faces.

But to amaze us - and delight us - really is the touches of organza: both in the trousers and in the top, in blue sugar paper and with embroidery, and in the two dresses of the finale, where the organza curls up and moves along the sleeves and creates a stunning effect of seabed around the face.

Words by Giulia Greco


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