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"MFW: Gucci SS/20"

all images by Filippo Fior c/o | courtesy of vogue

The Florentine House had recently announced its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company. In this scenario we can talk also about the spring-summer 2020 collection, which was actually the first show to be totally of zero emissions, starting with the recycled paper of the invitation, to the set of the show that will be reused for the windows’ display, up to the LED lighting system.

Ever since Alessandro Michele took over Gucci’s creative direction, each collection has become an experiment full of studies and research, filled with meanings that transcend the empty concept of fashion as a mere way to cover ourselves, showing instead a serious commitment in the celebration of diversity and a fascination with the process of spectacularising fashion that we are witnessing in recent years more than ever and that was also the subject of the latest advertising campaigns.

So, this was valid also for the spring-summer 2020 collection, which this time proposed a reflection on the concept of normative dress, and on how through fashion power contaminates life by progressively eliminating freedom of expression.  On a tapis roulant, the models wore garments in beige and ivory cotton, real uniforms, white canvases similar to straitjackets, a metaphor of the effect of the norms imposed by society on individuals.

Next, the lights go out and when the space lights up again, here come the garments signed with the unmistakable aesthetic of Alessandro Michele. Platforms, exaggeratedly large glasses, long sequined evening gowns, leather chockers and Cuban-heeled boots. The allure of the 70s, however, meets with more refined lines and style, thus channeling attention to the codes of the House, the monogram, the horse-bit bag and the pins. 

The phrase “Gucci Orgamisque” placed on jackets and bags is intended to symbolise a further hymn to sexuality and its captivating complexity. 

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words Ludovica Mucci


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