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"MFW: Iceberg ss/20"

photo by Alessandro Lucioni c/o | courtesy of Vogue

backstage video by Ana Martinez

The Iceberg show was a fabulous experience. Not only for the collection itself, to which we will arrive calmly, but for the Show as a whole. Show with a capital S because it was a real event.

For the location first and foremost: the Bagni Misteriosi, summer lido for the Milano Bene that desperately seeks an oasis of peace in the madness of the metropolis and modern locus amoenus. Location that was chosen - not only - because it is perfectly in line with the mood that the designer, James Long, was inspired by and with the title of the collection, Underwater Lovers.

Secondly because the show was accompanied by the music of DJ Siobhan Bell, right in the middle of the pool. Tribute to Philipp Plein's SS 2015 collection perhaps, which was held in the same location and brought rapper Theophilus London to the catwalk, remaining in the heart of anyone who has assisted to it. Iceberg has not been outdone and has given a great adrenaline to the public.

But let's get to the actual collection, which was designed with a single, very specific goal: to hit. The models are nothing but a reflection - like the one on the pool water - of front row influencers, who know very well how to use fashion to stand out, get noticed and, above all, be remembered.

*slide to watch the backstage images - by Ana Martinez

Pastel colors with bright tones, sequins and shiny silk, along with sweaters decorated with Looney Tunes prints. The collection shaded then in white and black: the protagonists are the shapes instead of the palette, the impact is equally unpredictable and bewitching.

The same mastery in the use of colors we find in the combination of street style and high tailoring. A beautiful mix where everything magically goes in its place. A bit like those perfect occasions that we all dream of and sometimes come true, where the atmosphere is perfect, the music plays and all eyes are on us. Where, in most cases, the magic comes from ourselves, that we feel comfortable in our skin and in what we wear: only in this way can we really shine.

*slide to watch the looks | Photos by Alessandro Lucioni c/o | courtesy of Vogue

Words by Giulia Greco


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