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"MFW: Marni ss20"

All images here by Filippo Fior c/o

With the spring– summer collection 2020 Marni opens the second act of its project started with the first chapter of the collection presented in June. The creations seem to convey an attempt to raise awareness for the necessary change of direction of the fashion industry towards a style, not only of life, sustainable.

Starting from the setting, Marni had previously exposed the problem of ocean pollution by installing recovered plastic bottles on the ceiling; for the second act, we re-emerge from the abyss to land in a tropical setting, in what the House itself calls an “infinite jungle”. The plants applied on the columns were made from the same plastic that we had seen in the first act, taking to the letter the circular system able to create new experiences starting from the same object.

The clothes are an explosion of vivid colors, they are mainly long dresses, which seem assembled together by several pieces that perhaps remain intentionally imperfect. Green, shocking pink and orange dominate the scene along with multicolor prints that look like brushstrokes on a canvas. Hairstyles are also a work of art, extending beyond the head, they are made up of waste materials and flowers.

The sartorial details enrich the garments, peculiar are the pleated ends that seem to escape from the dress to follow their own undulations, as tropical plants on the columns do.

Words by Ludovica Mucci


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