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"MFW: Missoni SS20"

All images here by Daniele Oberrauch c/o

The Missoni show was held at the Bagni Misteriosi, whose beauty is difficult to explain if you don't visit them in person. In fact it depends on the atmosphere, the colours, the breeze of late September that remains sweet but anticipates the imminent fall. It is a spontaneous feeling, nothing preconstituted or emphasised. Just like the collection itself, flowing smoothly and without complications, so easy-going that makes us feel at ease right from the start.

This atmosphere of lightness is the same that the designer Angela Missoni wanted to create for the Spring Summer 2020, which takes inspiration from one of the most famous couples of the last century and builds around it a romantic aesthetic of exchange and sharing. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, absolute predecessors of the interchangeable wardrobe to which contemporary fashion has been focusing for some time.

The homages to this couple are so many and they are not limited to the clothes themselves, but they come up to the accessories and fresh flowers just cut into the bags. Fluidity, which is not necessarily of a gender, but of views. Light and floral dresses worn with a vest stolen from his wardrobe, a white shirt over a tight and feminine top. Feminine prints along with the informal outfit for him.

The second level of interpretation of the collection is found precisely in the prints and colours: Stripes, patchwork, polka dots, crochet, everything is mixed, nothing is pinned in those rigid patterns of thought that limit us so subtly.

Thus, even rational thought comes a little less on this show. It is the designer herself who invites us not to take ourselves too seriously - not to think too much about it: there is no right or wrong, so that striped print can easily go with a floral background in shades of pink.

What transmits at the end this show is nothing but joy, the same one we feel when we are free to try.

Words by Giulia Greco


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