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"MFW: No21 SS20"

All images here by Daniele Oberrauch c/o

Alessandro dell'Acqua thought about his collection as a cry of protest. At the very center of it we find a subtle way to protest against tabù and bigotry and intolerance, all things that still are in our society and put boundaries to our freedom. Why keep them going? Why submit us to the rules of someone else? He was inspired by the Collection du Scandal by Yves Saint Laurent, impertinent and sensual, erotic but elegant in the same time. This is one of the favorite collection of dell'Acqua who, with the SS20 by No21, would like to create the same turmoil as Saint Laurent did.

Garments are sensual and play with cuts and drapes, loose with nonchalance on the body, showing now a shoulder, then a leg, then the lingerie under the blazer. Dell'Acqua keeps his creations playful and very light, even if they turned, in the last period, in more elaborated and tailored ones. Volumes are extra and fabrics are more rigid and elegant.

The floral patterns brig a note of freshness to the whole, especially to the menswear.

Words by Giulia Greco


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