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"MFW: Peter Pilotto SS20"

All images here by Filippo Fior c/o

Peter Pilotto opens the Milan Fashion Week with an extremely graphic collection. The colours palette is wide and bright. Models are transformed in exotic flowers. Not only for the prints themselves, but also because of the shapes and shines of clothes: the show creates a luxurious jungle where to deep down.

These garments are meant to be the perfect uniform for modern adventurers who want to hide into this colorful landscape: parka, safari shorts, wide shirts and polo, beautiful dresses draped on the body - again in a very sweet way, not constricting but enveloping the shapes.

Accessories are inspired by the same topic. Bags are hang to the neck or around the waist, they are small and easy to carry. Bucket hats and sandals, flat and made out of lather for man, heeled and precious like jewelry for woman.

The new everyday aesthetic of Peter Pilotto comes thank to different reasons, both in the private life of the two designer and in the one of the label itself. This is their first show in Milan and moving to this city also means marry the workwear business-like attitude of it. Brands from Milan are usually highly wearable and they perfectly fit in the busy life of people.

Words by Giulia Greco


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