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"MFW: Prada SS20"

All images here by Filippo Fior c/o

Miuccia Prada's collections must be considered in their smallest details every time, to be fully understood. They are the perfect images of the "milanese spirit": urban and chic style, minimalistic and eclectic together, love for culture and the eyes for the future. The commitment for the issues of today. At Prada clothes are never only clothes.

It has been a while since the brand started to think about simplicity, which doesn't mean discharged clothes or boring ones. Simplicity means especially know our personal style: less is more, because a very good design has the ability to take everything off and lets only the essential.

Which is also a good advice for our future as consumers, into a world that need our help.

Tha collection has basic colours and shapes. Waist is lower and in some case it is only perceived under the garment. If every look is basic, the game comes into fabrics, that mix and match in each outfit: macramé and velvet, rope and paillettes. Some fabrics are a novelty into Prada's work, and they come even more attractive. This alternate of different consistencies is absolutely amazing and it makes the collection fantastic. This is the right wardrobe for who wants to live the real milanese spirit today.

Words by Giulia Greco


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