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MISSONI: "Home Sweet Home"

images courtesy of Missoni

During the 58th edition of Design week there are many fashion houses that have submit projects in limited edition and special collaborations with the great players of the furniture.

For this edition, Missoni has decided to color the Brera design district with the installation

"Home Sweet Home" curated by Angela Missoni and the artist Alessandra Roveda.

courtesy of Missoni

Alessandra Roveda

Graduated in industrial design at the Politecnico University, Alessandra Roveda turned her passion for crochet into a job. Her project "Home Sweet Home" gives even more character and personality to the brand Missoni. Thanks to her great capacity in the use of crochet, the artist coats objects and furniture of the memory with coloured wool threads.

courtesy of Missoni

courtesy of Missoni

The installation is located in the Missoni space of Via Solferino and shows a space that brings back to mind images of childhood and fables. Chairs, lamps and tables are covered with multicolored threads; Alessandra with her installation has turned the habitat into an enveloping and engaging experience, where the wool is the absolute protagonist.

courtesy of Missoni

The space has been redesigning and reinventing, through a rereading of the furnishing elements; the installation is an eulogy to the art of the craftsman that has roots in the knitting of his grandmother.

courtesy of Missoni

Completely singular, ritual, different, uniquely colourful and lively, these are the characteristics of “Home sweet home”. The artistic practice of Roveda has many points in common with the Missoni language; the infinite coloured threads and crochet stitches create a pictorial texture sui generis.

The philosophy of Angela Missoni is to create interesting interactions between fashion and

art, focused on matter and color to give more and more surprising results.

From April 05th 2019 to 14th at Milano - Missoni Showroom

written by Eleonora Moneta

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