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"Modern Sinuosity" - editorial

Preview editoriale dal numero di Ottobre

Photographer & Art Director: Domenico Petralia @ProductionLink

Stylist: Angelina Lepper @Womanwhostyle

Stylist assistant: Alevtina Peunkova Film Director: Irene Cacciarini Assistant Director: Simone Carinetti Music: Vincenzo Pizzi Hair Style: Valerio Sestito @Peppermint Agency

Makeup: Rachid Tahar @Freelancer Agency @ProductionLink

Model: Lila Braghero @Elite models Milano Casting director: Stella Ferro Photographer assistant: Vito Calamia

Post-production: Virgil Hritcu Production: Passepartout4u Special thanks to ISIS Facchinetti

Layout Laura Bobak

brands' credits a fine pagina --->


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